Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beat It!

Retro egg beaters are most likely hiding at the back of kitchens cupboards the world over. Often forgotten, the humble hand held beater was once the ONLY way batters could be mixed and eggs could be beaten when I was growing up.1. greenbeater, 2. 5216StillLife, 3. Bakelite Egg Beater, 4. egg beaters

They were so versatile they could also be used as a crazy Martian weapon (great for chasing around after your little sister) and were a great tool for concocting potions!

I pulled out my beater this morning while mixing up the pancake batter, but alas, I remebered why my beater stays hidded. Every time I use it little bits of paint flake off the handle into the mixture. While I was happily sitting here, Charlie had grabbed the beater and had mixed up one of his concoctions before I knew it!
Vintage Beaters
A much better idea is to mount a cool collection on the wall like Island Girl has.