Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beat It!

Retro egg beaters are most likely hiding at the back of kitchens cupboards the world over. Often forgotten, the humble hand held beater was once the ONLY way batters could be mixed and eggs could be beaten when I was growing up.1. greenbeater, 2. 5216StillLife, 3. Bakelite Egg Beater, 4. egg beaters

They were so versatile they could also be used as a crazy Martian weapon (great for chasing around after your little sister) and were a great tool for concocting potions!

I pulled out my beater this morning while mixing up the pancake batter, but alas, I remebered why my beater stays hidded. Every time I use it little bits of paint flake off the handle into the mixture. While I was happily sitting here, Charlie had grabbed the beater and had mixed up one of his concoctions before I knew it!
Vintage Beaters
A much better idea is to mount a cool collection on the wall like Island Girl has.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Towel Kitchen Curtains

Have you ever wondered what to do with some of your favorite teatowels? I know I have.
Why not adorn your plain old kitchen window with some decorative tea towel happiness!Cool vintage lovelies from Cate. Tutorial here
new curtains!
Cute buttony curtains from here.
Tea towels turned curtains
Light and pretty curtains from here
my kitchen window
Colourful patchworky curtains from here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Kitsch Kitchen

My Kitsch Kitchen
A bit of *Kitschen* Colour from Betty Jo Designs Homey stuff Flickr set.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daisy from the Happy Gas Kitchen

Ms. Daisy from Happy Gas was the winner of the You Will Always Find Me kitchenalia goody bag last week.

Today she sent me some pics of her kitchen in all it's retro glory!

Owlie tea cosy looks right at home, and so does the apron, hanging by the awesome old Lux wood fired oven.

I spy a very cool three pronged lamp in the corner!

Look at all the swap cards sitting neatly in their frame.
Fancy plate rack..I so need one of these (and no kitchen is complete without a Dukes of Hazard tin tray !!)
The prize teatowel cleverly displayed on a vintage coat hanger. Coincidentally 1973 is the year Daisy was born!

More knick-knackery. I love Archie's halo juxtaposed with the retro yellow clock. And the famous Annie Leibovitz pic of Keith Richards who's halo had defiantly slipped that night!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic kitchen Daisy. You can read about more of Daisy's kitchen adventures on her blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Max's New Zealand Kitchen (and a Winner)

Today we are having a sticky beak at Max's kitchen from Rangiora, in the South Island of New Zealand. Max writes, "We have renovated this completely ourselves-it was truly hideous and worn out after being a rental for years, we still need to tile around and under the cooker.
The cupboards and the floor are original to the 1929 villa and are made of Rimu. The walls are my favorite colour, a kind of celadon. I was over the moon when we found the pot rack in a similar colour in a junk shop. I also like retro teatowels, but they HAVE to have a little pale green in them. This rule stops my collection getting too out of hand! That and my habit of accidentally setting fire to them! Between the white and the green colours the kitchen always feels fresh. In the door way is a little play area for my daughter when I'm cooking-with a mirror and blackboard at kid height.
My husband and I are big collectors/op-shoppers-amongst the things we like to collect are cookie cutters (me) so I couldn't resist these "cloud cutters" made by a local artist, above the kitchen sink. Also metal kettles (the hubby), on the mantelpiece; and baskets, macrame bags and maori kete which you can see hanging around! " Thanks Max. Her blog is Blackbird has spoken.
And it is also time to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY!Tea Towels
Congratulations Daisy from Happy Gas. Let us know your mailing address so we can send you your kitchen goodies!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vintage Aprons!

Just popping in to update the GIVEAWAY! I am happily adding another item to the prize...a never used bluey/orangy vintage apron that will bring out the 50's housewife in you.I am partial to the special fabrics in vintage aprons, but never seem to remember to wear them when I'm getting down and dirty in the kitchen!
I will be drawing the winner on Wednesday night, so you have a few more days to enter!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tea Cosies

There's another kitchen must have that I have said "I must have this" just a few too many times.
My knitted Tea Cosies have multiplied a bit too quickly and I now have more cosies than teapots.
Some of my Cosies

How did I get so many Owl Tea Cosies?????
My <span class=
If you haven't already entered the Vintage Tea Towel giveaway, pop over here now because I am adding the Blue stripy Owl tea cosy to the prize!!!!
(If you are not a fan of Nana Craft, I'm sure you know someone who is!)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tea Towel Giveaway

Tea Towels
I have a tea towel problem...I have too many in my kitchen drawer (the third one down) and these are just the tip of the iceberg.
So to help me close my drawer, I am offering this mint condish vintage number circa 1973 as the first "You Will Always Find Me" Giveaway!!! Use it for drying the dishes, hang it on the wall, or get your craft on and repurpose it.
1973 Tea Towel

Just leave a comment and you will be in the running! Over the week I just might find a few little extras to add to the prize.
And did you know you can follow "You Will Always Find Me "on Facebook? Pop on over and like us!
P.S. There is now another treat added to the prize!!!! It's Woolly and Owlie.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eva's Italian Kitchen

It's been lovely receiving Kitchen submissions from all around the world.
Eva from Slitnits (who is a big Owl collector) sent me some pics. of her Italian kitchen.
She writes, "I'm Eva from Trieste in Italy. I was delighted with your kitchens, so I decided to share with you mine. It's very small, because it's part of a very old farmer house we have restored. But I love cooking in there and I love my stove. Mashed potatoes cooked over this stove are my favourite. We call kitchen "cucina", but, since I'm half Italian and half Slovene I tell you also the slovenian word : "kuhinja" (it sounds like coo-hee-nee-ah)."

Here is Eva's lovely old farmhouse..... cosi romantico!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cosy Swiss Kitchen

Regula from Oberheimen sent me some pictures of her cosy Swiss Kitchen or K├╝che in German.
She wrote:"Here are some pictures of my kitchen, that I love so much. Especially the wood stove. It is from the early Sixties and still working perfectly. I love to cook on it. Look at the lush veiw from her Kitchen window!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laminex Love

It's all good
What could be more kitcheny than Formica and Laminex. The more retro and decorative the better!
Here are some fabulous and functional pieces of midcentury kitchen furniture laminated with cool patterned Formica and Laminex.
Spring Table
Look at Sunny Buick's kitchen buffet.
My new 50s formica kitchen table
And Casper James' cute table.
This dresser has cool piece of 50's laminex on each door and drawer. Tres fancy!
In my Kitchen
I love my red Laminex kitchen table found at our friendly neighbourhood junk shop.

Look, the design is exactly the same as this Laminex ad from a Vintage Home Beautiful magazine via Paintergirl.
Do you have a great retro laminex kitchen table? Please send in a picture as we would love to see it. And don't forget, if you would like to see your whole kitchen on "You Will Always Find Me" just send in some pics and info.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovin' Lino

Here are some cool ways to use vintage linoleum in your kitchen.Awesome vintage dresser with lino backing and benchtop.
(I find lots of great old lino lining the drawers of old dressers and cupboards).Pretty vintage lino used for a bench top in a cute kitchen renovation.If you don't have enough lino to cover your floor use it as a Lino floor rug. Found by Vintage Queen Double Winky.
I would have bought this Linoleum Rug (sold) if I'd had a cool $2000.00 USD floating around. And if I had some more money to spare I would fly like a jetsetter to visit this cottage in Upstate N.Y. and maybe ask if I could live there for a while......