Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cookie Jars

Biscuit Barrels & Honey Pots
I think every kitchen would have at least one cookie jar either for decoration or to actually store cookies (or biccies as I prefer to call them). Here are some pretties from Robyne Melia's collection.
cookie jars
Natalie from Arthur's Circus has a huge collection. (getting a bit jealous of the budgie jar!) These babies were featured in a past issue of Frankie. None of Natalie's jars ever get filled with biccies, as according to Nat "Biscuits are banned in this house, as we (Nick and I) have no willpower and scoff the whole lot in less than a day". Sounds familiar!
Cookie Jar
This guy is in my kitchen and still has me stumped. I can't tell if he is a bear, a puppy or a chipmunk. Definitely not a squirrel though, as he has a small stumpy tail.
Piggy Cookie Jar
I spied Piggy and his Barrel of Cookies winking at me cheekily in an opshop , so he came home with me to hang out with the bear/puppy/chipmunk.
Mr. BJ had a very negative reaction to the pig, so he was relocated to my studio to be filled with random "stuff" . This will not include biccies as, like at Natalies house, they would have a very short lived life !

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cintia from My Poppet's Kitchen

Cintia from My Poppet has nicely given us a tour of her kitchen. Don't those red and orange enamel goodies just pop. And the Jonathan Adler Tea Towel is yummy I just might get one for my kitchen over here!

I love these vintage metal stacking chairs. They evoke memories of church halls and Sunday school.
Awesome decorative tea towel and fancy raffia placemats. Neither of which should ever be allowed to touch a dish.
I call my red enamel pot the good luck pot, as it never lets me down......I haven't checked if Cintia's bring her foodie luck, but it looks like a good'un.
Thanks for letting us spy on your Kitchen Cintia. The rest of her house is retro stylish too...go and have a look over here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Art of DishWashing

Here I am in my Kitchen with Chester the plate licker! When this pic. was published in Peppermint Magazine, all I could think of was what an ugly dishwasher you have Liz!
If I had a zillion dollars I would get me one of these.......available in all colours of the rainbow.
I don't remember how I stumbled across this photo, but I luves it!
Whatever he can get
Such a sweet and topical image (although some of you would be a bit uneasy with this concept).

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kitchen Dressers

I love vintage Kitchen dressers. Isn't Lucy's one gorgeous.
I have had a few over the years, found in op-shops and a special one left on the side of the road. Lining one of the shelves was a cool piece of vintage lino, which was the catalyst for Betty Jo Designs!I love the green and orange deco lead light windows on my current kitchen dresser.Here are some of my favorites from various places. I had been eyeing off the pink and aqua dresser in Indigo Junction for ages. Then alas, the shop shut down.
I can't imagine the multi coloured one from Mill Markets lasted long.
Dresser in our kitchen
And I don't care how plain this dresser is from H is for's the goodies it contains that counts!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lucy King's Kitchen

Today we have a kitchen from retro kitchen nirvana! Lucy King, famous for her gorgeous illos and beautiful "Me old China" jewellery has the coolest kitchen this side of the river!It is full (but not cluttered ) with great vintage finds,
like lovely patterened china,her customised plates that can be found here,colourful enamel ware and this "to die for" old timey cooker.
There's those canisters again!
Lucy has her storage well organised with old shelving and crates to hold the essentials (coffee pot envy here!)
Thanks Lucy for sharing your kitchen on You Will Always Find Me.And in answer to Lucy's question "is the blog name in reference to the 80's classic 'you'll always find me in the kitchen at parties' by Jona Lewie by any chance?!?!"
Yep, I borrowed the first part of the chorus from Mr Lewie's song, but I'm not the only one.
Ikea has "borrowed" it too, albiet with Jona's blessing!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kitsch Kitchen Chickens

Thanks to Ann Marie from Map 29 I have invented a new tongue twister: *Kitsch Kitchen Chickens*.
As well as loving street directories, Ann Marie loves chooks and has had several scratching around her backyard for many years.
As well as real chooks, we have some snaps of her super kitsch chicken salt and pepper shakers and, haha, a very crafty chookie egg basket that I found for Ann Marie at the oppy. I hope her girls have been filling it up!
Speaking of kitchens and chickens, there are a couple of chooks on my shelf.
Chicken teapot and sugar bowl
The "Cockerel" teapot was a gift for my 21st from a friend who knew I'd much prefer something old than something shiny and new! It's moved house with me over a dozen times!
I found the matching sugar bowl last year in an oppie sans lid. It's taken many years to finally bring these two long will it be till I find the milk jug?
I remember when I posted this on Lino Forest Michelle from Loving the Vintage remembered she had some chickens packed away in a box somewhere. This motivated her to find them...
Chook Collection
and here they are in all there chooky glory!
More Kitsch Kitchen Chickens can be found in the Kitschy Chickens flickr group!