Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Towel Kitchen Curtains

Have you ever wondered what to do with some of your favorite teatowels? I know I have.
Why not adorn your plain old kitchen window with some decorative tea towel happiness!Cool vintage lovelies from Cate. Tutorial here
new curtains!
Cute buttony curtains from here.
Tea towels turned curtains
Light and pretty curtains from here
my kitchen window
Colourful patchworky curtains from here.


  1. i like that!!
    I have been wanting to frame a teatowel or make a cushion.

  2. I love that very top tea towel curtain to bits!

  3. I'd love a kitchen to be proud of like the ones featured here. When my youngest son starts school I'll have to try and tart it up!

  4. Oooh I LOVE the vintage tea towel curtains - very cute!

  5. Love the patchwork ones in the first pic! So cool :)