Thursday, April 14, 2011

Laminex Love

It's all good
What could be more kitcheny than Formica and Laminex. The more retro and decorative the better!
Here are some fabulous and functional pieces of midcentury kitchen furniture laminated with cool patterned Formica and Laminex.
Spring Table
Look at Sunny Buick's kitchen buffet.
My new 50s formica kitchen table
And Casper James' cute table.
This dresser has cool piece of 50's laminex on each door and drawer. Tres fancy!
In my Kitchen
I love my red Laminex kitchen table found at our friendly neighbourhood junk shop.

Look, the design is exactly the same as this Laminex ad from a Vintage Home Beautiful magazine via Paintergirl.
Do you have a great retro laminex kitchen table? Please send in a picture as we would love to see it. And don't forget, if you would like to see your whole kitchen on "You Will Always Find Me" just send in some pics and info.


  1. I think you have deep knowledge of this home decor. You have chosen nice colour combination of furniture and grossery. It gives some how Chinese look.

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  2. what a great find...such a fabulous table!!

  3. LOVE these kitchens!


  4. We've got a pretty boring marble effect laminex kitchen table BUT the bench top is covered in pink, light and dark grey boomerangs. I'm pretty sure they're the reason I bought the house. (And the fruit tingle inspired splash back tiles)