Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Art of DishWashing

Here I am in my Kitchen with Chester the plate licker! When this pic. was published in Peppermint Magazine, all I could think of was what an ugly dishwasher you have Liz!
If I had a zillion dollars I would get me one of these.......available in all colours of the rainbow.
I don't remember how I stumbled across this photo, but I luves it!
Whatever he can get
Such a sweet and topical image (although some of you would be a bit uneasy with this concept).


  1. When I saw the headline for this post, I was expecting a story about cajoling children to wash the dishes. I was totally off track. The Smeg is a stunner!

  2. Well you're not too off the track if you replace children with canines.....but if you know any tricks to get the kids to help with the dishes , I'm interested!

  3. if only i could borrow your furry one to clean up the food mess on the floor after emmas meals!

  4. heehee heee that dog in the last photo takes his job seriously. Very cute and Im with you that smeg dishwasher is drool worthy.

  5. I liked ur dishwaser color . it really super and different from others..
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