Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kitsch Kitchen Chickens

Thanks to Ann Marie from Map 29 I have invented a new tongue twister: *Kitsch Kitchen Chickens*.
As well as loving street directories, Ann Marie loves chooks and has had several scratching around her backyard for many years.
As well as real chooks, we have some snaps of her super kitsch chicken salt and pepper shakers and, haha, a very crafty chookie egg basket that I found for Ann Marie at the oppy. I hope her girls have been filling it up!
Speaking of kitchens and chickens, there are a couple of chooks on my shelf.
Chicken teapot and sugar bowl
The "Cockerel" teapot was a gift for my 21st from a friend who knew I'd much prefer something old than something shiny and new! It's moved house with me over a dozen times!
I found the matching sugar bowl last year in an oppie sans lid. It's taken many years to finally bring these two long will it be till I find the milk jug?
I remember when I posted this on Lino Forest Michelle from Loving the Vintage remembered she had some chickens packed away in a box somewhere. This motivated her to find them...
Chook Collection
and here they are in all there chooky glory!
More Kitsch Kitchen Chickens can be found in the Kitschy Chickens flickr group!

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