Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cookie Jars

Biscuit Barrels & Honey Pots
I think every kitchen would have at least one cookie jar either for decoration or to actually store cookies (or biccies as I prefer to call them). Here are some pretties from Robyne Melia's collection.
cookie jars
Natalie from Arthur's Circus has a huge collection. (getting a bit jealous of the budgie jar!) These babies were featured in a past issue of Frankie. None of Natalie's jars ever get filled with biccies, as according to Nat "Biscuits are banned in this house, as we (Nick and I) have no willpower and scoff the whole lot in less than a day". Sounds familiar!
Cookie Jar
This guy is in my kitchen and still has me stumped. I can't tell if he is a bear, a puppy or a chipmunk. Definitely not a squirrel though, as he has a small stumpy tail.
Piggy Cookie Jar
I spied Piggy and his Barrel of Cookies winking at me cheekily in an opshop , so he came home with me to hang out with the bear/puppy/chipmunk.
Mr. BJ had a very negative reaction to the pig, so he was relocated to my studio to be filled with random "stuff" . This will not include biccies as, like at Natalies house, they would have a very short lived life !


  1. They are TOO good, love them!x

  2. oooh lovely post!!! I really love those candy colours against the white I used to have a few myself but dispensed with them when I adopted a healthier eating plan because like you Im of the understanding that a cookie/biscuits function is to be eaten not stored therefore they are to be consumed until none are left. These pics however make me want to start collecting them again. :)

  3. Too good! I love cookie jars/ biscuit barrels. Clown ones seem to be all I find these days but my kitchen favourite looks like a clock and says "Cookie Time" My eyes near popped right out with delight when I first found it.

  4. Oh my my my... Why don't I have one of these?

  5. Did you buy the bear/chipmunk/cute dude in Melbourne? Namely Nunnawading? I saw it/one there for HEAPS of dough and couldn't buy it at the time. Ouch! But, if you bought it then that's ok!
    Thanks for including my guys, and yes, bickies is the go.

  6. Actually I got him at fawkner salvos for under $8. I know there's an oppy in Nunawading that is way over priced and I don't even look in there anymore for fear of getting cross!

  7. Wow!! i would die for them, love all those cookie jars!!
    your blog is so inspiring :D
    a vintage paradise!!

    have a nice weekend!!

  8. I see that I urgently need some shelves to show my coffee pots and stuff. But firstly, the wall needs painting. so it's going to be a nice project.

  9. I am not sure what the animal is either but just wanted to say the my Nana had two of the rabbit ones in the same design. I picked one up on eBay for $8. I would so love to have her actual ones but they went to other family members. So cute!

    By the way, your blog title is just brilliant. So many interesting things.