Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mon Alisa's Kitchen

Ahh, it's lovely to be back home after a week away in sunny Sydney. I have had some great submissions for "You Will Always Find Me", the first being from Alisa from Mon Alisa Design. Her cute, vintagy kitchen is full of junkshop finds and clearly demonstrates Alisa's artistic flair! Yay for mismatched kitchen chairs!I have a love affair with bird cages (preferably empty as I just feel so sorry for caged birds).
An old timey cash register .......I would be continually tempted to go "Ka-ching"Cute oven (those canisters look kinda familiar!)
Tea Time
Liz's canisters minus the S and R.


  1. Thanks Liz! That birdcage is one of many around my house, I find them very symbolic. And yes, they're empty (except for the odd paper birdy) I like to leave most of them open too :) Thanks so much for sharing my kitchen with your readers. I love this blog concept... Go the retro cannisters! x

  2. Hi, I just popped over from the lovely Mon Alisa Design's blog. I think her kitchen is wonderful. It oozes coziness and I love the little table and chairs for her girls...a real family kitchen, I love it!! ~ Tina