Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee Pots

Are you like me and cannot start the day with out a coffee? Or is a mug of tea your thing?
I have a morning kitchen ritual of putting on the stove top coffee pot ( still bleary eyed ) and heating up some milk. Wouldn't your coffee taste all the better made in these cool coffee pots.
If you make coffee or tea every morning, send us in a pic of your favorite Coffeepot, Teapot or mug! Lucy has a gorgeous one here!
New Cosy and Cups


  1. I venture out for my coffee with the baby and stroller and am generally a tea bag user (heathen!). But have just returned from a wee holiday at father-in-law's place and they had a Robur teapot, circa 30s. It had a built-in strainer and kept the tea lovely and hot for a second cup. I came home determined to track one down but they're going for hundreds on ebay. Oh well. The world of tea cosies is an eye opener!!

  2. I used to buy Robur tea bags!

    Robur Perfect Teapot:

  3. I can see why you want one of those Robur teapots, the tea would be so much nicer poured from one!
    Don't get me started on Tea Cosies.....up and coming post me thinks :-)

  4. Those mugs are fantastic love the cosy too.