Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daisy from the Happy Gas Kitchen

Ms. Daisy from Happy Gas was the winner of the You Will Always Find Me kitchenalia goody bag last week.

Today she sent me some pics of her kitchen in all it's retro glory!

Owlie tea cosy looks right at home, and so does the apron, hanging by the awesome old Lux wood fired oven.

I spy a very cool three pronged lamp in the corner!

Look at all the swap cards sitting neatly in their frame.
Fancy plate rack..I so need one of these (and no kitchen is complete without a Dukes of Hazard tin tray !!)
The prize teatowel cleverly displayed on a vintage coat hanger. Coincidentally 1973 is the year Daisy was born!

More knick-knackery. I love Archie's halo juxtaposed with the retro yellow clock. And the famous Annie Leibovitz pic of Keith Richards who's halo had defiantly slipped that night!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic kitchen Daisy. You can read about more of Daisy's kitchen adventures on her blog.


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