Monday, May 9, 2011

Tea Cosies

There's another kitchen must have that I have said "I must have this" just a few too many times.
My knitted Tea Cosies have multiplied a bit too quickly and I now have more cosies than teapots.
Some of my Cosies

How did I get so many Owl Tea Cosies?????
My <span class=
If you haven't already entered the Vintage Tea Towel giveaway, pop over here now because I am adding the Blue stripy Owl tea cosy to the prize!!!!
(If you are not a fan of Nana Craft, I'm sure you know someone who is!)


  1. i love those! i have somehow never come across a tea cozy in all my thrifting/yard sale hunting. i would love a silly owl one!

  2. ah owls and tea...what a great combination. I love them all and I, like Rae, have never come across one while op shopping. I think my op shopping gene got lost in the mail =)

  3. I'm so excited to see your tea and coffee pot tray in the background to your owl tea cosy picture - I have a small round tin with exactly the same pattern on it!! The tray is amazing - super jealous!!
    Your owl tea cosies are hilarious - I love them!
    Lucy x

  4. Hi Lucy,
    I also have the tin! It was rescued a little worse for wear from a skip several years after I scored the tray!

  5. I am so impressed with the owl tea cosies! Never knew such things existed but now I do I really want one! Great collection!

  6. When I was in childhood, I used to make these crafts using papers. But never thought that this can be made by wools also...
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