Thursday, May 19, 2011

Max's New Zealand Kitchen (and a Winner)

Today we are having a sticky beak at Max's kitchen from Rangiora, in the South Island of New Zealand. Max writes, "We have renovated this completely ourselves-it was truly hideous and worn out after being a rental for years, we still need to tile around and under the cooker.
The cupboards and the floor are original to the 1929 villa and are made of Rimu. The walls are my favorite colour, a kind of celadon. I was over the moon when we found the pot rack in a similar colour in a junk shop. I also like retro teatowels, but they HAVE to have a little pale green in them. This rule stops my collection getting too out of hand! That and my habit of accidentally setting fire to them! Between the white and the green colours the kitchen always feels fresh. In the door way is a little play area for my daughter when I'm cooking-with a mirror and blackboard at kid height.
My husband and I are big collectors/op-shoppers-amongst the things we like to collect are cookie cutters (me) so I couldn't resist these "cloud cutters" made by a local artist, above the kitchen sink. Also metal kettles (the hubby), on the mantelpiece; and baskets, macrame bags and maori kete which you can see hanging around! " Thanks Max. Her blog is Blackbird has spoken.
And it is also time to announce the winner of the GIVEAWAY!Tea Towels
Congratulations Daisy from Happy Gas. Let us know your mailing address so we can send you your kitchen goodies!


  1. Gorgeous kitchen!!!
    I really like the cookie cutters...
    Congrats to the winner of your tea towel giveaway...
    I am sure they will be thrilled with such a fabulous prize...

  2. good grief, i'm feeling shocked i won!THANK YOU so much liz, i will have to send some snazzy photos your way of my kitchen 'modelling' the bodacious booty! so far my week has been terribly crappy but this has certainly turned my frown upside down : )
    p.s loving the aqua marine green in the kiwi kitchen above!