Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eva's Italian Kitchen

It's been lovely receiving Kitchen submissions from all around the world.
Eva from Slitnits (who is a big Owl collector) sent me some pics. of her Italian kitchen.
She writes, "I'm Eva from Trieste in Italy. I was delighted with your kitchens, so I decided to share with you mine. It's very small, because it's part of a very old farmer house we have restored. But I love cooking in there and I love my stove. Mashed potatoes cooked over this stove are my favourite. We call kitchen "cucina", but, since I'm half Italian and half Slovene I tell you also the slovenian word : "kuhinja" (it sounds like coo-hee-nee-ah)."

Here is Eva's lovely old farmhouse..... cosi romantico!

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  1. It was nice to see my owls from another point of view. Many thanks.