Saturday, January 8, 2011

Submissions Open

Welcome to "You will Always Find Me". This blog is all about the busiest room of the house.....the Kitchen. We want to see your kitchen and what goes on there, so email us with or send a link to your best Kitchen pictures. Tell your friends from all over about You Will Always Find Me because we are itching to wallow in cool kitchen goodness !

In my Kitchen


  1. Oh, how I wished my kitchen looked like that. Alas I am still at home saving for a house so I think I am going to use your site as a source of inspiration.

  2. First bit of sun and I will pull out the camera and snap some show and tell shots. KLooking forward to comparing kitchenalia notes with everyone :)

  3. I love your kitchen!!!
    I love the colours and I love your 'stuff' If I came to your house to for a cuppa Im afraid that I would be quite rude by not sitting down Im afraid to say I would be poking around in all your stuff. Its not my fault your kitchen is just one of those treasure chest kitchens!

  4. Fantastic idea...
    I love seeing quirky spaces...and kitchens are the best...
    Adore your kitchen space!!!

  5. I love kitchens - i took some photos last year you might like to add...


    Best wishes for your new blog!!!

  6. love that red formica table, and the concept of this blog!

  7. Seriously! Your kitchen is amazing!! I love love love it! Is there a post here or on your other blog that shows it! :) I'd love to see all the details...
    It's taken me about 15 minutes to find you via pinterest. Unfortunately your picture above is pinned thousands of times but none of them come to you!!! :( :( :(
    I did a google image match search and finally found you! :)
    What a great concept for a blog - I wish all that Pinterest traffic were coming here for you! I'll redirect my pin to come here! xx